Hi! I’m Giuseppe Silletti.

My mission is to help you improve the deployment process and infrastructure of your software.

When an IT business passes the bootstrap phase, it may bring with it old habits that, although are useful when starting up, are quite harmful when stabilizing your business and making it ‘bulletproof’.

Do you understand the importance of having a CI/CD pipeline supporting your development?

Do you use Docker to ship your software in production at the speed of light?

These and other tools can help you speed up the deployment process of your application and improve the quality and productivity of your team exponentially.

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Happy Customers
Simon Rijk
Simon Rijk - CTO @ Viriciti

Giuseppe has the right competencies that make up a great consultant. Intellect, skill, a feeling for beauty in software design and development process, but above all, persistence. I can not remember a problem that Giuseppe could not solve. Viriciti BV

John Derham
John Derham - Founder @ Empello Ltd

Giuseppe did a brilliant job understanding our infrastructure, being able to improve the deployment process of our application to staging and production from day one. Happy to recommend! Empello Ltd

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