My Services
Software Development

If you’re looking for an experienced software engineer that can help you design and develop your software

Business Consultancy for tech companies

If you’re looking for advice about your tech problems

Business Consultancy for non-tech companies

If you don’t speak tech, but you have THE great idea or just THAT annoying task to automate.

Hi! I’m Giuseppe Silletti.

My mission is to help you create amazing software.

My expertise as a software engineer involves:

  • Frameworks: NodeJS, Firebase
  • DevOps: Docker, Docker Swarm, CI/CD, Microservices
  • Databases: MongoDB, SQL
  • Pub/Sub: MQTT, NATS
  • Programming Paradigms: FP, OOP
  • Programming Languages: JS (ES6), Python, Bash
  • Understanding of front-end frameworks, such as
    • ReactJS / Redux
    • Angular
Client Testimonials
Simon Rijk
Simon Rijk - CTO @ Viriciti

Giuseppe has the right competences that make up a great developer. Intellect, skill, a feeling for beauty in code and development process, but above all, persistence. I can not remember a problem that Giuseppe could not solve. Viriciti BV

Kimo Paula
Kimo Paula - Founder @ Expat Housing Network

Giuseppe assisted us with setting up a relational database for our company. As a result, our internal processes became more efficient and less prone to error. His knowledge of the industry dramatically improved our database, and his communication was always exceptional. We’re glad we decided to work with Giuseppe. Expat Housing Network BV

John Derham
John Derham - Director @ Empello Ltd

Giuseppe did a brilliant job coping with our unreliable tech and messy code base, being able to produce great results from day one. Happy to recommend! Empello Ltd

Emmett Cooke- Founder @ Soundtrack

Giuseppe’s knowledge and experience with the Firebase tools proved to be immensely valuable for the Pulse project. He came in to the project part way through and he still did a great job implementing the feature of my products. His work was always in accordance with the requirements and delivered on time. Totally recommend him! Soundtrack

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