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What is GitLab?

GitLab is a freemium solution developed by GitLab Inc, with an open-source community edition, and paid, premium editions providing additional functionality. GitLab is a complete CI and DevOps platform that goes beyond version control.

It has everything you need to create a complete CI/CD pipeline, from testing to deployment.

Streamline your testing process

Testing your software is essential for preventing your users to run away when they incur in a bug. GitLab makes it easy to test your application before deploying to production using a human-friendly notation that will help you create your perfect customized testing pipeline!

Continuous Integration & Continuos Delivery

With Continuous Integration (CI) every change that is made is automatically deployed to production.
With Continuous Delivery, the code from all developers is merged into one central branch of the repo many times a day, in order to try to avoid conflicts in the code in the future.

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John Derham

Giuseppe did a brilliant job understanding our infrastructure, being able to improve the deployment process of our application to staging and production from day one. Happy to recommend!

 Empello Ltd

Simon Rijk

Giuseppe has the right competencies to help you improve your testing and deployment workflow with GitLab.

 Viriciti BV

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